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In this chapter, you will read the origin story of Fumori. You will delve more into how Fumori was founded, an introduction into the Rengokuran Blood War and it's aftermath.


Fumori was founded at the turn of the first millennium by Manami Morikimoto[1]. The first ever recorded Paradi[2] in history, Manami was put to death after her 18th birthday, when she was discovered by an angel and deemed an abomination. In the afterlife, she was sent into exile and forced to wander the barren lands that Fumori originally was, home to none but lost souls and unknown to many.

Manami, alone with only her thoughts, came up with the idea of using her new land and shaping it into a new world, where not only those who suffered the same judgment as she could live, but where any supernatural species could with without fear of persecution for what they are. Using her gift of magic, she slowly began molding the land into a large island village, and named it Rengokura. Over time, more and more species of supernatural beings, even including angels and demons who have taken curiosity into the new town, began to establish their lives. Manami was dubbed the ruling monarch.

The Rengokuran Blood War

However, all was not well centuries later. It did not take quite long for the more innate few of the living realm to stumble across the island, and to notice that it's denizens were not of their kind. Word has spread of the "new island" and with a door to Rengokura opened to them, many mortals began their investigations into the town's residents, many believing them to have profitable possibilities in the Black Market. In 1225, monster hunters of the living plain made their way into the Earthbound island, attempting to exterminate it's denizens and harvest their bodies for profit. War between the supernaturals and the mortals broke out in what would be dubbed the Rengokuran Blood War[3].

The war lasted nearly 7 years before Manami, angered at watching her beloved island and it's people slowly falling into ruin by the heartless mortals, knew she had to act, lest she would lose everything she had worked hard to create. 

The Great Tree, Manami

Manami, with the help of her parents' spirits, casted a powerful spell to wipe out the mortals, wiping the memories of their mortal lives and forcing their spirits to be permanently bound to the land for the rest of their afterlife, becoming what would be known as the Rengokuran Spirits[4] and restore the town to it's pre-war state, but at a dire cost: her own afterlife. Her physical form slowly began to degenerate minutes after she completed the spell. Knowing she did not have much time life, Manami made her way to the center of the village, where she prayed for one final request: for Rengokura and it's people to remain safe from the outsiders. Not long after, Manami found herself slowly becoming encased in tree-like bark. Knowing what she will continue to do for her people, she accepted her fate, and her transformation was quickly completed. The people of Rengokura were quick to discover their queen, now an awe-inspiring tree that towered over the town, Manami's beautiful form clear in the tree's bark, standing stationary, her hands held out to the sky. The tree had sparked many theories from within the village, and even began Rengokura's two signature religions of Morikian[5] and Rengorian[6]. Morikian followers believed that the tree provides protection, preventing another war from breaking out. Those who follow the Rengorian religion believe that the tree is a sort of great weapon which will activate upon the second Blood War that had been prophecised by the high-ranking members of the Church.

Fumori Today

Centuries into the future, Rengokura has evolved from a small village town into a large 21st century city, and given a new name: Fumori, The Hidden Island. The denizens of the now Fumori live their lives much like those within the mortal realm. However, corruption in both the realms of Heaven and Hell have caused a bit of trouble for the Hidden Island. Corrupted court judges in both realms have caused the corruption of many denizens, causing a recent spike in inner city crimes, such as robbery, kidnapping, and murder. Because of this, many who continue to follow the religion of Morikian to this day believe that Manami's tree is angered for having to witness the corruption, and her protective shield over the city has begun to weaken. Rengorians believe that this corruption is a sign of a fast-approaching war soon to break out. However, there has been no solid evidence for either of these claims. There have been many justice systems put in place in an attempt to stop the corruption, with the most renowned vigilante agency being known as Adelado[7], named after the allied mortal mafia family who have founded the organization.

[1, 7] - Chapter 3: Famous Fumori Figures
[2, 4] - Chapter 4: Ancient Monsters
[5, 6] - Chapter 5: Morikians & Rengorians
This has been sitting in my for a while now, I might as well do something with it. :I

This is supposed to be the first chapter of a history book about a made-up island I came up with. I was thinking maybe if I posted it, I'd get motivated to see it finally finished. :|

Might end up writing a story from the eyes of a character I have living in Fumori in the future...? Dunno, probably...most likely, yeah, probably today (yes, this is how my brain works :B )

ANYWAY, enjoy this "Chapter", next one likely would be a map of Fumori.

Fumori and Paradi Species (C) NoireDicentra

(Dunno where the HELL to put this in when it comes to Categories...)
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